The Story of APG Buying Process Consultants

Over the years we’ve held senior positions in Fortune 500 companies, 10-person companies, and everything in between.

We love and admire the big boys in our world like Pedowitz Group, Demand Gen and Annuitas. They do great work. They do lots of work; and, they have employees in nearly every major city in the nation. Another option that we absolutely love is Marcus Sheridan and the team at The Sales Lion. Marcus is brilliant and he can show you how to get great results.

We don’t want all the complications that come with being big. We only take on one to three clients at a time and we stick with them until they are producing mutually agreed-upon revenue and ROI targets.

Our fees are based on results, not hours consumed. If it takes the time we estimated, then we make a fair wage. If it takes longer it doesn’t cost you any more… and we offer it with a guarantee.

This naturally implies that we don’t accept everybody that wants to work with us. Often, we’ll say “No” when we just don’t think we are the right people to market the particular product or service. In some cases we are simply a cultural mismatch.

A Brief History

Our principals have over a decade each in Fortune 500’s like HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Intel and the like. We’ve been VP’s of sales and marketing, sales people, sales managers, marketing professionals, technical consultants, copywriters, and project managers.

Being small gives us the freedom to experiment, learn new things, and walk on the wild side of new technologies and ideas. Our primary focus is always our client’s success in revenue and ROI.

Will Our Process Work for You?

Not all products or services lend themselves to a rigorous marketing process. Our system works best when:

  • Your product/service has a clear market differentiation;
  • Either your product has already proven profitability or the product’s classification has proven profitability;
  • The buying process involves multiple decision-makers;
  • The purchase comes with some economic and/or personnel risk to the buyer;
  • Enough ideal prospect targets exist to meet revenue targets;
  • The purchase decision requires medium to high scrutiny by the buyers;
  • And, the program has executive-level buy-in and support, including CEO, CMO and CSO.

Why We Believe We’re Unique

  • We guarantee our work.
  • We make it easy for your prospects to buy what you sell
  • We have a repeatable process that you can do on your own in the future
  • 10+ years average experience (30+ for some) in marketing, sales, and technology
  • Understanding the buyer: From an MA in Counseling and Psychology to experienced educators, we understand what makes buyers tick and how to satisfy our clients
  • Great communication and people skills
  • Insights, tips and tricks that only the professionals have
  • Seasoned professionals* assigned to your project instead of recent college graduates.
  • Broad and deep experience in sales, marketing, technology, copywriting, content marketing, internet marketing, SEO, and the social sciences.

*Most of our team members have at least 10 years of experience in both marketing and sales.

Our Success Secret

Every buyer experiences a range of emotions and thoughts when making a purchase decision. We take the time to discover not only his emotions and thoughts, but the sequence in which he experiences these.

We’re then able to create and deliver the content and messaging that closely matches the information, feelings, images and ideas your prospects expect.

They feel comforted by the experience, and in turn place a higher value on you and your products. It makes perfect sense, which is why we’re often surprised that more people aren’t focused on the customer’s buying process.

The APG Nurture and Lead Generation and Nurture process simply works better than any alternative I have ever seen. It was a real eye-opener for us when we understood why following the customer’s buying process is so important. ~Sr. Marketing manager at a Fortune 500 high tech manufacturing company

Some Of Our Valued Clients

APG Clients


The marketing revenue and ROI you seek is the result of your marketing team’s hard work, the guidance from our 22 step check list, the effectiveness of our extremely well-documented process, and our deep practical experience. It is the collaboration of our experience and your commitment.


We have decades of experience in marketing, sales, software technologies, internet marketing, and copywriting. APG works with clients as large as Intel and others in the Fortune 500 like Danaher, down to far smaller firms like Reach Technology and everything in between.