APG can provide references for each of the anonymous quotes below.

Our goal was steady strong revenue growth and ROI on our marketing program. APG did their homework and came back with a growth rate and revenue number they were willing to sign-up for that met and slightly exceeded our goals. This all happened in May of 2008. Despite the recession and lingering economic doldrums APG has met or exceeded every expectation that they set and we have continued to grow every year since.

One huge advantage of their program for us is that there process for sales-ready leads is so strong that we quit using outside salespeople and now use only inside salespeople that only respond to inbound purchase requests. We sell a very complex embedded technology. The APG program is far better for the prospects than our salespeople ever where.

Jonathan More, CEO, Reach Technology (www.reachtech.com)

Their process produces the predicable and reliable revenue results necessary to meet our stretch goals and bowler requirements. Better still, it’s a process we can use for any product or business unit to quickly increase demand for that product/service by both known and new customers.”

Tiffany Frankovich Danaher Business Systems Leader

APG’s process is an unparalleled approach to marketing automation that leads to much higher revenues. My company was extremely satisfied in the work that the APG Buying Process Consultant’s team did for us.

Rob Keranen, CTG

Initially we couldn’t believe that we were missing as much niche market opportunity as Eric suggested we were. As it turned out, he was understating what he could do for us. At first there was some skepticism about what he was telling us. His company delivered on what they promised and they also gave us a new way of looking at things that we will leverage for years to come.

Tony Gangemi, Symbol Technologies, Sr. Product Manager

APG’s marketing optimization techniques has helped us achieve our objectives faster than otherwise would have been possible; and, they really understand Marketo, even using Marketo’s API to drill down into the data in ways that can’t be done within Marketo alone.

Marketing IT manager at Fortune 500 Company

The APG Lead Generation and Nurture process simply works better than any alternative I have ever seen. It was a real eye-opener for us when we understood why following the customer’s buying process is so important.

Sr. Marketing manager at a Fortune 500 high tech manufacturing company

We learned things about our customers that we’d never known by using APG’s Voice of Customer research model. It is remarkably effective at reading the customers’ real buying motives because the research is designed around specific use-cases and the customer’s buying process.

Product Marketing Sr. Manager at Fortune 500 manufacturing company

APG gave us a process that quickly improved our ability to produce the revenue growth required of any Danaher operating company. They know what they’re doing and take the time to bring us up to speed.

Senior person at a Danaher operating company

In hindsight, if I’d fully realized the results these guys can produce, I would have started sooner and we would have reached our sales goals months earlier. Working with them was the highlight of my team’s year, and NOBODY comes close to the complete process they’ve developed.

Marketing Director, Fortune 500 high tech manufacturing company

We had our doubts that an outside company could understand and articulate its use and value to our customers of our technical product. They easily bridged the gap between our internal technical expertise and our customer’s needs. Better still, they were able to tie the content to the customer’s thought process, so that they’re lead from not knowing about the product to concluding that they need the product. We were both pleased and surprised by the quality of the content, especially since it required very few edits on our part. We’re excited to put it to use in our lead generation and nurture program.

Product Manager, Fortune 500 process control company