How Your Assessment Works

Preparedness: Identify Gaps Worth Fixing

  • Product/service differentiation positioning
  • Product/service value proposition clarity & articulation
  • Content/process alignment with customer buying process
  • Customer perspective messaging
  • Sales and marketing alignment & sustainability
  • Data gaps and data completeness
  • Stakeholder buy-in status

Identify Current Gaps Worth Fixing

  • Diagnose lead generation strategy shortcomings
  • Diagnose inbound marketing revenue shortfall
  • Diagnose current outbound marketing limitations
  • Diagnose lead nurture campaign inefficiencies
  • Diagnose sales-marketing hand-off and alignment problems
  • Diagnose current content (Emails, landing pages, white papers, etc.) against best practices.

See the 5-Phase Checklist

What You Get

You’ll get written recommendations and a PowerPoint presentation with suggestions for improvement in your marketing revenue…
The kind of recommendations that routinely produce response rate jumps of 2-5X and revenue lifts of 10-40% with our customers.

You’ll get recommendations on how to:

  • Improve your product/service value proposition;
  • Identify the gaps between what you think is your customer’s buying process and what they actually do;
  • Connect what you know about your customers to better align your content and messaging to what your customers really want;
  • Finally gain full sales-marketing-management alignment on your marketing programs;
  • Close the gap between the content you have and the content you need to addresses your prospect’s needs and desires;
  • Build outbound marketing campaigns that trigger excitement and interest;
  • Improve your website and inbound campaign performance;
  • Construct lead nurture campaigns that actually move prospects to a sales-ready status;
  • And build a more reliable and robust prospect/lead database to which you can send highly targeted and more engaging messages.

Our goal was steady strong revenue growth and ROI on our marketing program. In 2008, APG performed an assessment and came back with a growth rate and revenue number they were willing to sign-up for that met and slightly exceeded our goals. Despite the recession and lingering economic doldrums APG has met or exceeded every expectation that they set and we have continued to grow every year since. ~ Jonathan More, CEO, Reach Technology

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What It Costs

$3k – $15k

(Depends on your program’s complexity and number of assets)