What is a 90-Day Live Optimization?

We work with your team weekly to improve your marketing revenue.

Before the APG optimization we had never gotten past a 1% response rate to emails. Within the first sixty days we hit 5% on initial response rates and are still climbing”

~ World leader in high tech test and measurement

What We Do

  • Full 22-Point Assessment.
  • Work with you to define realistic 90-day live optimization goals and metrics.
  • Weekly analyze and assess initial issues and propose countermeasures, optimizations and changes.
  • Weekly optimization meetings – Analyze results and define next countermeasures, optimizations and changes.
  • Propose optimizations and changes to Emails, landing pages, website, PPC, outbound promotions, and other assets (white papers, videos, etc.).
  • Identify and propose NEW content – white papers, videos, etc. that are pivotal to revenue generation.

What You Do

  • Quick execution of recommended optimizations.
  • Be fully engaged in the weekly meetings.

What Gets Optimized


Subject lines, Email copy, and offer/call-to-action for all outbound and lead nurture messages.

Landing Pages

Layout/design; headline and lead; copy; primary offer; call-to-action.

Nurture Flow

Align the lead nurture flow with the customer’s buying process.


Navigation structure; layout/design; copy on primary web pages; add lead generation offers and calls-to-action


Ad group structure; keywords; Ad copy.


Recommend changes to existing assets (white papers, etc.) and the development of new assets.

Outbound Promotions

Align the lead nurture flow with the customer’s buying process.

What You Get When You Execute Our Recommendations

You get more leads initially engaging with you, more leads moving from initial inquiry to sales-ready, and more of those leads becoming customers.

You learn how to optimize ALL your marketing programs, align everything to your prospect’s buying process, and get more predictable and consistent revenue from your marketing efforts.

Weekly meetings and participation in the optimization process from beginning to end. You’ll learn what we do and why we do it so that you can continue the optimization process after we leave.

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What It Costs

$10k – $20k

ROI is typically 3X to as much as 200X over the following 12 months