How It Works

  • 1 Qualification (Do you qualify?)
  • 2 Preparation Phase
  • 3 Design Phase
  • 4 Build Phase
  • 5 Deployment / Testing Phase
  • 6 Optimization Phase

Their process produces the predicable and reliable revenue results necessary to meet our stretch goals and bowler (KPI) requirements. Better still, it’s a process we can use for any product or business unit to quickly increase demand for that product/service by both known and new customers.”
Tiffany Frankovich Danaher Business Systems Leader

Our Two Key Goals

1 Meet or exceed agreed-upon revenue and ROI targets.
2 Help your team learn to replicate the approach and system on your own for other products and services.

The Approach

We use our 22-point checklist to step through every necessary element of creating a predictable and consistent marketing revenue system.

Each phase ends with a thorough review by a combined sales and marketing team so that alignment is maintained from start to finish.

We do not skip steps or take shortcuts. It’s the only way we can guarantee your success.

See the 22-Point Checklist

What’s Expected of You

At a minimum, you:

  • Provide at least one dedicated marketing resource;
  • Ensure sales’ and sales management’s continual involvement;
  • Provide one or more technical resources to review and validate content;
  • Get management sign-off on the business case;
  • Expedite turnaround of any content review and validation;
  • Support data evaluation and remediation.

At best, you:

  • Execute quickly and accurately;
  • Actively participate in each phase to gain full independence from us;
  • Use the training materials in our resource library for internal training;
  • And, learn every nuance and trick for fully optimizing your systems.

How Long Does It Take?

Low Complexity: 1 to 3 months excluding optimization

Medium Complexity: 3 to 4 months excluding optimization

High Complexity: 4 to 6 months excluding optimization

Is yours Low, Medium, or Highly Complex? Use this Calculator (Excel) to see…

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What It Costs

$60k – $240k

(Average $120k)

The Win

  • You have marketing revenue growth for years to come.
  • Your competitors are on their heels – they’ll never figure this out on their own.
  • You have a capability to gain similar advantage with other products or services.