Resources for Our Clients

For each of the 5 phases and 22 items on our checklist, our clients receive access to our complete library of resources:

  • PowerPoint Training: A complete PowerPoint slide deck with speaker notes that you can use for self-and internal training on each of the 22 checklist points;
  • Recipe: A step-by-step guide that explains exactly how to execute the step from start to finish;
  • Tools: Many steps include additional tools – worksheets, spreadsheets, calculators, and more that you can use to complete each step.

Unlike most consulting companies, we want our clients to become successfully independent as soon as possible.

More on the Buying Process

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Resources for Prospective Clients

If you’re thinking about working with us, we provide examples of the resources received by our clients and ongoing educational material provided via our online education service.

We do not promote our services in any of these materials.

You will be notified with a link to new educational content based on what’s working with our clients that you can view or download at your convenience.

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You’d like to get ongoing promotion-free education and insights based on actual client experiences, but don’t see yourself as a prospective client.

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