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The 5-Phase DFSS Buying Process Checklist
22 Simple Steps to Better Lead Generation and Lead Nurture

Checklist Item What Happens if You Don’t
Phase 1 – Identify
1. Select the right product or service Wasted effort on a product not well-suited to buying-process marketing
2. Use-case identification Your marketing isn’t relevant to the people most likely to buy your product
3. Business case construction No stakeholder buy-in and unrealistic expectations that might make you look bad
4. Key player mapping and personas Poor data segmentation and wrong messaging to the wrong people
5. Buying process research Without you’re only guessing at what your prospects need, want and expect in the buying process
6. Sales & Marketing alignment Sales doesn’t get the results they want and successfully blames you
Phase 2 – Design
7. Value proposition development Prospects don’t move through the buying process, don’t buy, and you can’t figure out why
8. Design the lead nurture sequence Your marketing will be annoying to your prospects instead of engaging
9. Create Inbound & Outbound lead generation plans You won’t achieve the business case objectives or your revenue commitment
10. Design the lead scoring model You won’t know when a lead is sales-ready
11. Design the progressive profiling plan You’ll lose leads on the front end by asking for too much information, too quickly
12. Present the all designs and plans to stakeholders You won’t have the stakeholder buy-in necessary for success
Phase 3 – Build
13. Create the marketing automation logic flow Your IT team/marketing automation specialist won’t know how to implement your design
14. Build the marketing automation system Your implementation will be delayed if you have to wait until all the content is created first
15. Define KPI and optimization metrics to track You won’t know how you’re doing, and won’t have the data to optimize your work
16. Build/Modify primary assets (PDF’s, Video, etc.) This you have to do in any case, but if you haven’t completed the previous steps, you’re just guessing
17. Create inbound/outbound emails and content This you have to do in any case
18. Create lead nurture email messages This you have to do in any case
19. Create landing pages This you have to do in any case
Phase 4 – Deploy
20. System validation/testing Without a clear plan, your customers will be the ones to discover broken links and copy mistakes
21. Deploy the system Do this incorrectly and you’ll lose good leads before you have a chance to optimize.
Phase 5 – Validate/Optimize
22. Optimization If you don’t optimize, you will lose 75% or more of your ultimate opportunity.

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