Their process produces the predicable and reliable revenue results necessary to meet our stretch goals. It’s a process we can use for any product or business unit to quickly increase demand for that product/service by both known and new customers.”

— Tiffany Frankovich Danaher Business Systems Leader

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The APG Lead Generation and Nurture process simply works better than any alternative I have ever seen. It was a real eye-opener for us when we understood why following the customer’s buying process is so important, and the results exceeded our expectations.

Sr. Marketing manager at a Fortune 500 high tech manufacturing company

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Why It Works

  • We focus on the Buying Process.
  • We make it EASY for your customers to buy.
  • Unique Buying Process research technique.
  • Unique Value Proposition development process.
  • Compelling content creation based on research and value proposition.
  • Nurture Design that maps the buying process and mimics your best sales person.
  • Content and buying process based lead generation design.
  • Content-fueled PPC design.
  • Disciplined optimization process.

The typical buying process stages:

The Results

  • More leads
  • Higher quality leads
  • Higher conversions to Revenue
  • Shorter Sales Cycles
  • More Revenue
  • Higher ROI