Case Studies

The one-page case studies below are based on actual customer experiences. Each is focused on a problem that was blocking marketing revenue generation performance.

Inbound-Outbound Marketing Plan

High end commercial franchise seller was not meeting their revenue and ROI targets for growth of the franchise operation. They had a single source for leads that delivered unqualified leads to sales.

Poor Lead Nurture Conversion

A Multi-Billion high tech manufacturer was seeing very poor conversion statistics at every stage in their nurture process, especially the last stage (purchase). While they had what should have been enough leads, these leads were getting stuck somewhere in the process and never closed as a sale.

Emails & Landing Pages Not Converting

A high technology equipment manufacturer saw that their emails and landing pages were not converting sufficiently to achieve target revenue. Lead generation was done with a shotgun approach – too much, and not targeted. Lead nurture was practically nonexistent. And, landing pages attempted to do far too much with no clear call to action.

Expected Double-Digit Growth Was Unseen

An embedded component company had steady, but modest growth when market conditions suggested that they should have been growing by double digits. See how we optimized their systems to improve sales and cut the sales cycle in half.

Marketing is “Underfunded”

A leading global medical device manufacturer’s marketing team complained that they couldn’t get the funding they needed to run effective marketing campaigns. See how we solved their problem.

Poor Conversion into Revenue

A leading global medical device manufacturer was not meeting their revenue targets from marketing-generated leads, although marketing believed they were providing enough leads.

Losing to Competitors

A leading manufacturing company was losing a growing percentage of business to direct competitors due to pricing considerations.

Poor Marketing ROI

A global leader in high tech test and measurement equipment wondered if their investments in marketing automation, PPC, and email campaigns would ever pay off.


Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon coined the term “Satisficing” to summarize his theory that people tend to buy the easiest-to-buy product that satisfactorily meets their needs instead of buying the most “rational” product. How does this apply to you?

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Buying Process Checklist

See the complete 22-point checklist we use to increase revenue for our clients, and what happens when you skip any steps.

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