The Problem We Solve

B2B companies struggle at turning viable leads into customers.

Most marketing organizations don’t deliver the quality or quantity of sales-ready leads necessary to meet the CMO’s revenue commitment, and many of the leads they do deliver end up falling through the cracks.

How We Solve It

The secret is our focus on removing friction in your prospect’s buying process.

We create and deliver the information and content your prospects demand, making it easier for them to buy what you sell. We have learned how to read the prospect’s mind, and we’ll show you how so that you can repeat the process for all your products or services.

Why Worry?

  • 96% of marketing leads typically don’t convert to a sale…
  • 76% of CMO’s surveyed consider generation of high-quality leads their greatest priority…
  • Gartner Group says that by 2020 85% of interactions between businesses will be executed without human intervention.

B2B Buying Process Drivers

Our rigorous Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process delivers a competitive advantage that will both drive the competition wild and deliver revenue growth.

Watch the video to see the seven key success factors for marketing revenue generation.

Calculate the Scrutiny Level of Your Product

How much content do you need to build to support your prospects buying process? This calculator helps determine the level of scrutiny they are likely to apply when evaluating your product or service. Do you need a lot of content, some, or just a few key pieces? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Why Our Approach Works

Airline pilots and surgeons know that if they don’t use a checklist they are courting disaster. Manufacturers like Toyota, Intel, Motorola and others apply the rigor of Lean Six Sigma to reduce risk and increase revenue. The same is true for effective revenue generation marketers.

We created a Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process with five distinct phases and 22 thoroughly documented steps.

The DFSS process ensures that we IDENTIFY the specific information needs of your prospects at every stage of their buying process; DESIGN highly effective inbound, outbound, and lead nurture processes; OPTIMIZE your automated marketing systems for lead conversion; and, VALIDATE that all prospect and sales needs are being met.

The DFSS process and checklist serve two key functions:

  • Remove friction in the buying process and create relevant, interesting, and valuable content that makes it EASY for your prospect to buy from you instead of your competition.
  • Use Lean Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) tools to steadily optimize and improve marketing systems once deployed.

The end result is that far more of your prospects will buy, buy faster and will buy with less price pressure.

If your competition does this, and you don’t… you may be in BIG trouble.

The DFSS Phases

  1. Identify (VOC & Buying Process Research)
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Deploy
  5. Validate

*Our DFSS process aligns with the unique needs of marketing and marketing automation systems.

How We Fill the Gaps

Our 5-phase DFSS process is designed for start-to-finish marketing revenue generation.

We use the same process when optimizing your existing lead generation and lead nurture campaigns.

The checklist can reveal why you’re not getting what you want from what you’ve got.

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Our approach works with any leading CRM or Marketing Automation platform.

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What You Can Do Next

See the 5-Phase DFSS Process